Murder by Media -

Death of Democracy in Australia
by Scott Balson

Other books by the author (overviews on-line)

The Queensland Independent Newspaper, published by the Department of Journalism at the University of Queensland, extract from article headed 'Study in media power an essential Australian text':
"He (Balson) has done this brilliantly. The level of research that has gone into producing this book is what makes it. Far from just crying wolf, Scott Balson has gone through the village with photographs. His views are supported, his assertions are researched, and so his attacks are grounded." 

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Breaking News:
14th January 1999: Over 800 on-line orders received to date (to be mailed 21/1/99).
Book launch in Sydney on 22nd January - What happened now on-line.

31st January 1999 - State of reporters and their response to the book.
11th February 1999 -
book withdrawal questioned - US correspondent.
12th February 1999 - Comments on Fax by Dymocks Managing Director to Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd
12th February 1999 -
One Nation press release: "Book Chain pulls book"
13th February 1999 - Newspaper articles about Dymocks decision
21st February 1999 - Don't dare call it "Censorship" in Australia
24th February 1999
- Dymocks Bookstores Questioned
5th March 1999 - Always conspiracy - Jeremy Jones of Australia/Israel Review respond to criticisms in the book.
8th March 1999
- Study in media power an essential Australian text - University of Queensland's Queensland Independent March 1999
8th March 1999
- Bookshop ban shows extraordinary level of involvement: author
- University of Queensland's Queensland Independent March 1999
15th March 1999
- Web of Hate - Jeremy Jones and Murdoch's Courier-Mail start vilifying Balson.
16th April 1999 - Murdoch's Courier-Mail campaign of hate against Balson answered.
May 1999
- Codex Magazine - article on withdrawal of Murder by Media
June 1999
- The 2,500 copies of Murder by Media are now collectors items. Book SOLD OUT.
July 1999
Scott Balson arrested for allegedly publishing the name of a Labor MP charged with 48 child-sex offences.
29th August 1999
Kennett Government bans book exposing official corruption in Victoria.
14th January 2000
Balson reveals "separation of powers" flawed in Queensland and implicates The Courier-Mail -article "When Power Becomes Absolute".
March 2000
Balson acquitted of politically motivated charges - subject of new book "Enemy of the State"

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Other books by the author (overviews on-line)
One Voice, Many Issues: exposes the hidden corprotisation of Australia
Enemy of the State:
a remarkable personal record of the corrupt elite system in Queensland involving the mainstream media and the state government. A system which orchestrated Balson's arrest - the author defending himself in court before being acquitted.
Inside One Nation: Balson exposes the party that he once defended so dearly. He, like so many others, was deceived for years by the directors in the political party. 

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