Summary of the book

"Murder by Media, the death of democracy in Australia"

This is a first hand account of the real power driving Australia into the future. The many documented accounts of media bias in this book reflect what is wrong with having such polarised media ownership in this country.

You will learn first hand how the Murdoch/Packer families set and control the Australian agenda. Their respective media empires are often nothing more than a channel through which their own interests are promoted and protected through effective control of what Australians see, hear and read.

Much of this book looks behind the scenes at Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. The party was an unwanted complication for the media barons. This book discusses how this fledgling party was first deliberately and carefully ostracised by the media and then spat out as if it was some reviled demon that had somehow sprung upon the Australian landscape.

The author, Scott Balson, as the Internet webmaster of Pauline Hanson's One Nation was in an unique position to not only be able to record this lies and blatant bias of the Murdoch/Packer media in Australia but to present the other side of what actually happened. This allows the reader to get behind the scenes and see to how the party's and one million Australian dreams of representation in the federal government was effectively destroyed by the Laboral factions (the big business funded major political parties) and their partners, the media barons.

Between them they represent the "four corners of Australia's Trojan Horse".

The book also looks at how the media is being used in a similar manner in the US and Canada. Many of the references in the book are linked to on-line information available through the Internet making this book a unique reference medium for a wealth of supporting material.

There is a simple solution to resolving the issue of the media being used today as a weapon of power in the hands of the few. This solution is covered in the book.

The publishers , Interactive Presentations Pty Ltd, had a great deal of difficulty getting this book printed in Australia with some large, well known printers, who apparently would face no legal repercussions, refusing to take on the work because of the nature of the book's content. Such is democracy in Australia today.

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