State of reporters and their response to the book

All reporters named below were sent a complimentary copy of "Murder by Media, death of Democracy in Australia" a week before the launch on 22nd January 1999.

Only one attended. 50 press releases were sent to the media the day before the launch on 21st January 1999. Not one journalist representing the mainstream appeared despite nothing of significance happening on Friday 22nd January 1999.

Note how the Australian media are significant by their absence.
Journalist/commentator Media Feedback -
have they contacted the author?
Michael Duffy News Limited None None
Brian Wiltshire Radio 2GB, Sydney Yes One hour interview on air - Friday 22nd January 1999 
Stan Zemanek Radio 2UE None None
Alan Jones Radio 2UE None (believed to be on leave) None
Nicolas Rothwell The Australian Contact made by letter - wants to follow up None as yet.
Paul Sheehan Sydney Morning Herald Preparing article after book withdrawn on 9th February 1999  None as yet
Howard Sattler Radio 6PR, Perth Yes Interview on air - 1st February 1999
Jeff Sommerfeld The Courier-Mail None None
Mark Hinchliffe Queensland Times Wanted to run short 3cm article before launch - referring to a book "full of conspiracy theories" - embargo enforced. None
Mike Knowling The Ipswich Advertiser Yes Only newspaper outside "The Strategy" to cover the book.
Jeremy Cordeaux Radio 5DN Radio interview on 18th February 1999 - after book withdrawn by Dymocks Talkback Tuesday 26th January 1999 with Hinch
Paddy McGuiness Sydney Morning Herald None None
Ray Platt The Strategy Excellent Article run
Ian McNamara Australia all Over, ABC None None
Peter Westmore B A Santa Maria's News weekly Yes - only media to attend launch Review being prepared
Robert Bolton Radion National, ABC None None
JG Estiot Media Watch Yes Coverage on web page
Bob Djurdjevic Truth in Media Yes Coverage on web page
JOHN SCHOLEY The Western Goals Institute, London, UK Yes Sending review to many papers
Bob Francis Radio 5AA None None
Neil Mitchell Radio 3AW None None
Steve Price Radio 3AW None None
Kerry O'Brien 7.30 Report None None
Today Show Today Show None None
Deb Richards Media Watch (ABC) None None
Four Corners Four Corners None None
Bob Ledwidge Media Resources Yes Report being prepared
Steven T Slatem Intellitech Media, Prague, Czech Republic Yes Report being prepared

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