Dymocks bookstores questioned

Press release by publishers "Murder by Media"

When One Nation web master Scott Balson wrote the book "Murder by Media" it was distributed nationwide exclusively by Dymocks for a few weeks. This was arranged with Dymocks prior to the launch.

The book details the manner in which Australia's media barons, through polarisation and control of the industry, manipulate the political scene in this country. It looks behind the scenes on a number of issues like political correctnes.

On the 9th February the Chairman of Dymocks, John Forsyth, unilaterally instructed all stores to withdraw the books from sale "for legal reasons".... On the 12th February the Managing Director of Dymocks, Keith Perkin, wrote to the author and said that the book had been withdrawn because "we have been advised that truth alone is not a defence to defamation actions in Australia".

The fax also warned the author, "I put you on notice that any statement which you make which suggests that Dymocks' decision resulted in any way from an attempt to censor your book and the views expressed in it from being circulated, will result in the commencement of legal proceedings against you without notice."

Now it is important to note that despite a number of Dymocks stores now saying that the book has been withdrawn because of "legal action" the author, distributors and publishers of "Murder by Media" have, to date, received no complaints - legal or otherwise. On the 9th February at the time the book was withdrawn Dymocks confirmed to us that it had received no complaints.

On Monday the 22nd February Dymocks hosted Irish terrorist and Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. He signed a number of his books carried by this nationwide chain of book stores. These books by Gerry Adams include: "The Irish Voice", "Selected writings" and "Cage 11" (written about his time in prison).

We ask the question why "Murder by Media" is withdrawn from circulation when it alerts the Australian population to the undemocratic control that the media barons exercise over this country - while, in comparison, they not only personally entertain Gerry Adams, but sell the books written by this convicted terrorist.

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