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Here is part of what Balson has to say about the Australia/Israel Review in the book "Murder by Media":

The Australia/Israel Review overstepped the mark when it unilaterally published a list of names of some 2,000 One Nation supporters under the banner cover "Gotcha!" in the week of the 9th July 1998 .

The source of the list, illegally copied from the Manly office computer files of One Nation was unknown. It was later discovered that a former One Nation supporter in Victoria, who apparently managed the office computers, had taken copies of computer files when he left the party in early 1998. This is the most probable source.

The unauthorised and intimidatory publishing of the list of names and their suburbs smacked of Nazism - it was the very intimidation that Jewish people complained of and warned about.

Incredibly the Murdoch media, with one exception outlined below, did not condemn the bastardry of the men and women who were behind this appalling behaviour. The vilification of One Nation has been so intense only people with courage 'came out' as supporters. It was not paranoia to be alarmed at the prospect of exposure. Showing his contempt for people's rights to privacy the editor of the magazine Michael Kapel said, "We believe in a healthy democracy... (allowing us to publish the list)".

By Jeremy Jones

Australia/Israel Review - 29th January to 28th February 1999

Under the influence

I must begin with a confession. This article is being written while I am "under the influence". Under the influence of that well-known mind-bender, Coca-Cola. Until recently, I could have pleaded ignorance. But, due to the tireless efforts of the man who once described this publication as "a sick monster basking in the guilt of history". I can no longer do so.

Allow me to explain.

Each day more and more material of value to scholars, researchers and hobbyists is generously made available to computer users all over the world via the Internet. Judgements of courts and rulings of tribunals, historic documents and academic analyses, legislation, transcripts of media broadcasts, and much more available thanks to the many thousands of institutions and individuals with a desire and willingness to increase the accessibility of material which helps us all make informed decisions on a range of issues.

Unfortunately, the Internet has also become the favoured means by which confidence tricksters, scaremongers, conspiracy theorists, the intellectually lazy and ethically-challenged, seek to advance their own personal agendas and political campaigns.

The difficulty for many with a modem and a reasonable general knowledge, but are not necessarily expert in the particular subject being discussed, is to know what material is informative, as against well-packaged guff.

In January this year, for example, a campaign was launched by an individual to alert the world to a conspiracy to foist on the unsuspecting a dreadful poison Aspartame, and its vehicle of transmission, "Diet Coke". The Internet-based anti-Aspartame campaign resulted in panic and distress to such a degree that the respected electronic newsletter, Nutrition News, responding, "there is not one credible piece of evidence to back up any" of the many charges levelled at the artificial sweetener.

In Australia, the campaign found a comfortable nesting place in the verbiage of an Internet "newspaper" bearing the pretentious and misleading title "Australian National News of the Day" ("@notd") maintained by Pauline Hanson fanatic, aspiring author and One Nation's webmaster, Scott Balson. @notd is apparently yet to find a conspiracy theory too unlikely to promote, or a conspiracy theorist too offensive to merit publication.

So while many Internet lists which carried the anti-Aspartame story either published the rebuttal or simply dropped the subject (which had at its heart a massive media conspiracy to allow the poisoning of the entire planet to enrich a few drink producers) @notd extended the conspiracy to include Coca Cola itself (with a submission from a "dentist" whose lack of knowledge of teeth has astounded the health professional with whom I shared the item) and suggestions to the effect our politicians be forced to drink the perceived poison until we could see results.

Of course @notd has in its sights not just soft drinks, but evil media barons who will as easily mislead the public on health issues as they will immorally portray Pauline Hanson and One Nation as other than a squadron of winged virtues flying in to save us from the Westminster system, constitutional law and cultural diversity.

One criticism which particularly upsets @notd's editor and the One Nation Revolutionary Guards who comprise most of its contributors, is that one nation is "racist", and in the context of the Australia/Israel Review it is worthwhile recording @notd's track record in this area.

Balson himself described Australian Jewry as an "elite racist community", whatever that is meant to mean, Israel as "the world's most racist state", and referred recently to George Soros as "a Jewish parasite". He has referred to Jews as Nazis and claimed Israel survives because of "well-placed Jews in the US".

As editor of the daily "newspaper", Balson has directed readers to bizarre anti-Semitic material websites which have included direct promotions of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and "acting on" their blue-print for world domination, with another containing an appeal for the English to "rise up against the filthy rotten zionist infested British Establishment".

Perhaps the main charges which @notd's contributors level at Jews is undue influence over the media, and it "is the media" which Scott Balson targets in his first venture into the world of ink and paper, "Murder by Media, Death of Democracy in Australia".

Drawing mainly on his own imagination, with such reliable sources as convicted US fraudster Lyndon LaRouche, the promoter of Australian Christian Identity (ie white supremacy) Ray Platt and a bevy of "One Nation supporters", Balson's book is not the first attempt at bringing Internet "wisdom" to the world of books, but it is most likely one of the intellectually lamest.

Unsurprisingly, the book has a section on the Australia/Israel Review, which is based on the rantings of the political/religious cult, the Citizens' Electoral Council, supplemented by the Thoughts of Webmaster Balson. Balson's concerns with the Review are, in summary, that its investigative reporting put attention on One Nation's financial credibility and on its racism, and that very few serious commentators agreed with Balson's assessment of the Review as "bastardry".

At the time of writing, Balson's main foci of animus are the evil conspirators who successfully plotted to delay a Brisbane-Sydney flight to cause him personal inconvenience, the battalions of secret agents violating his personal property and the mainstream media who haven't hailed his volume as the greatest contribution to human knowledge since, well, the Internet.

Author-as-victim Balson sees a conspiracy in the fact that the mainstream media see no news value in his railings and an iron-hand on censorship behind the fact that, at the very most, one (anonymous) journalist attended the launch of a book exposing the ills of journalism. Perhaps he has been drinking too many artificially sweetened drinks.

So what are they saying about Aspartame?
The nation of Iceland bans Aspartame
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Comments on Jones' article:

Semi-detatched suburban Mr Jones

Hi Scott,

I have read the Jeremy Jones article that you linked to yesterday and I feel no longer able to keep quiet in the face of this kind of philo-semitic bastardry of the truth.

Mr Jones' writing style is reminiscent of the writing styles of the Zionist apologists of previous decades. He is all bluster and bravado and obviously convinced that this style of writing will see him through the more enlightened '90s. His opening attempt to be funny and at the same time dismiss all claims about aspartame as the rantings of conspiracy theorists, lazy internet na'er do wells etc, is rather nauseating to put it mildly. I am not going to bother to argue the opposite case, there is a mountain of information on the net and nobody reading even half of it would make so bold as the coca cola loving Mr Jones.

Then he goes on to attack Scott personally (an aspiring auther?). I think not Mr Jones. Then he attempts to make it sound as if Scott is trying to promote the reading of the Protocols of Zion without actually saying "why this is a bad thing?" He has a bevy of other silly and unsubstantiated complaints also which I consider unworthy of my attention.

However as one who read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" for the first time in 1967 and again in recent times, I have got to say that in my considered opinion EVERYBODY should read the Protocols in their entirety.

Of course Mr Jones and his ilk will leap up and down and scream conspiracy theorist and no doubt trot out that tired old response that the Protocols are a forgery, anti-semitic propoganda etc. So what? a forgery of what anyway? and much more importantly just who IS enacting them today?

When the elite rascist international jewry are prepared to address some of these questions I for one may be ready to listen to them, until then if they persist in using the outdated techniques employed by Mr Jones then their whole scam can only continue to fall down around them, as it is doing allready, and as evidenced by Mr Jones scraping the bottom of the intellectual barrel in order to defend the indefensible.

Have a nice day.
David Morgan.

Ho Ho!

In trying to defend the Australia/Israel Review's position on Scott Balson's criticisms the Australia/Israel Review's Jeremy Jones said: "This article is being written while I am 'under the influence'. Under the the influence of that well-known mind-bender, Coca-Cola".

You said it all, Jeremy.


Jeremy Jones....'Always Politically Correct?'

I refer to the article in yesterday's @notd....."Always Conspiracy" by Jeremy Jones, from the 'Australia/Israel Review' - 29th January to 28th February 1999.

It seems Mr Jones may indeed have been imbibing something stronger than Coca-cola if the mindless diatribes he indulges in the above article are anything to go by. Free and legal heroin trials would doubtless be supported strongly by Mr Jones; if he has not already volunteered(and been accepted)as a 'guinea-pig'.

This, if I am not mistaken, was the same badge-waving member of the Thought Police who recently(last Sunday) appeared on an ABC 'Compass' programme "exposing" White Supremacy in the US. This programme was a thinly veiled attack on nationalism, traditional Christian morality and family values(_all_ politically incorrect concepts) under the guise of informing the Great Unwashed about neo-nazi style groups active in some southern states of America. During the lengthy monologue purporting to be an 'analysis' delivered by Mr Jones after the programme(aided and abetted by a smiling and fawning Geraldine Doogue), he attempted to 'juxtapose' such outlandish groups as the KKK and various radical militias with(you guessed it!) One Nation Party supporters and members. Needless to say, there was not even the ghost of a rebuttal present. This charmless nerk was allowed to waffle on ad infinitum with his 'loony lefty'/'politically correct' full of logical fallacies, inaccuracies, bodgie arguments and downright lies that you could have driven a _fleet_ of Bourke Street trams through them and still had room to manoeuvre.

....Rather like his little effort in the 'Australia/Israel Review'. "Bizarre" is indeed a good description of the tiny minority to which Mr Jeremy Jones belongs. Catigating the Internet as an open forum for nutso conspiracy theorists(translation: anyone who doubts Sixty Minutes, A Current Affair, Neil Mitchell and the Packer/Murdoch press), he then blasts Scott Balson's book without bothering to provide a thimble-ful of rational counter-argument. One wonders if he even read it...or, even, checked out _one_ of the hundreds of detailed and comprehensive on-line references provided[?] His comments on Balson's critique of George Soros are indeed 'bizarre', bordering on ludicrous. Of course, Mr Jones, esquire, conveniently overlooks the fact that Mr Mahatir,the Malaysian PM, vigorously criticised Soros long before Balson appeared on the horizon with his book. Ooopps...i forgot: Mahatir is _not_ a member of the new sub-class: white, male, heterosexual, Anglo-Saxon/Europeans. It would thus be 'bad form' (if not [shock/horror!] '_racist_') to criticise _him_.

Needless to say, there was nary a mention of the notorious censorship of Balson's book by Dymocks' 'Bookstores'. Such a peccadillo wouldn't be entertained by Jeremy Jones for even a nanosecond! One wonders whether hell would have such fury as the banning of a more 'politically correct' author.

Get Real Mr Jones! When you want to step out like a man into the real world and state your case on its merits(instead of cringing behind 'politically correct' journals like the 'Australia/Israel Review'), Scott will doubtless provide you with _ample_ space on his Web Pg to do so. (a courtesy, I might add, that it is unlikely you would afford _him_!). If that doesn't suit your tastes, there are always USENET forums like aus.politics. Post yr biases up there, if you dare: I, for one, will take great pleasure in chewing you up and spitting you out!


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